Friday, October 3, 2014

Really Simple Scarf

Happy Friday!  Now that I have my Etsy store up and running, I've decided I need to start blogging more.  My goal is to blog every Friday about new projects I am working on and give out free patterns.

Fall has hit the air this week and I wanted to whip up a quick scarf in a fun autumn color.  This pattern is really simple and great for beginning crocheters.  Check it out below:

Really Simple Scarf
Infinity Scarf by Nancy Holaday

Materials Required:
Any color worsted weight yarn – one skein
5mm (H-8) crochet hook
Yarn needle

Stitch Gauge:
Gauge is not important for this project

Skill Level:

ch: chain
sc: single crochet
dc: double crochet
*__*: stitches between asterisks are to be repeated

 Ch 6 at the end of each row counts as a ch 3 and dc stitch. 

Ch 36

Row 1: Sc in 6th ch from hook, *ch 3, dc in 3rd ch, ch 3, sc in 3rd ch* 5 times, ch 6, turn

Row 2: Sc in first dc, *ch 3, dc in next sc, ch 3, sc in next dc* 5 times, (last sc should be in ch 6 space from previous row), ch 6, turn

Repeat row 2 until desired length (approx. 5 feet).  Fasten off and whip stitch ends together.  

Please do not reproduce or redistribute this pattern in any way. This includes any images and text. You may print a copy of this pattern for your own personal use. Finished items may be sold.

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